1. Welcome to Apheus
                                    Welcome to Apheus
                                    Apheus is driven to deliver the best products and services to our clients. We do everything from basic PC repair and web design to advanced IT services and data backups.

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                                    Apheus offers a broad range of IT services for SMBs, non-profit organizations, and local governments in and around Marshall County.


                                    Website Design

                                    Managed IT Services

                                    Managed IT

                                    Support Blocks

                                    Support Blocks


                                    Business Productivity

                                    PC Repair

                                    PC Repair

                                    Data Backup

                                    Data Backups

                                    Apheus is committed to delivering quality products and services at affordable prices to our clients. From our humble beginnings in Argos to our new offices in Plymouth, we have been continually growing to meet the demands of our customers. Our client list includes customers in the transportation, automotive, manufacturing, retail, and professional services sectors as well as local governments and non-profit organizations.

                                    We Do It All

                                    Apheus offers a broad range of technology products and IT services. While we originally started as a web design company a decade ago, we quickly adapted to provide a host of technology services. We've also partnered with the best names in technology to bring first-rate products to your workplace. Our business is constantly evolving to meet the demands of modern businesses.

                                    Awaken the Possibilities

                                    Apheus has adopted a business philosophy that encourages honesty, integrity, and creativity along every avenue and in any situation we may encounter during the normal course of business. Our business was founded on these values and we hold them to the highest standards.


                                    Apheus is ready to take on new clients and add new challenges. Contact us today by filling out the form provided and we will setup a convenient time for us to chat about the many products and services that we have available. Our team looks forward to hearing from you soon.


                                    Apheus has been in business since 2007, delivering high-quality technology products and services to our clients. We are committed to offering the best IT services in Plymouth, Indiana, and surrounding communities.

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